Addressing Multiple Treatment Points in the Body

Every illness is a complex event that affects many different processes in the body. That’s why each Heel medicine takes effect in multiple targets.

When an animal is sick, the body’s response to the illness involves many different control points and receptors. Treatment with conventional medications, however, largely disregards this complexity. Most such remedies consist of a single active ingredient that targets only one part of the body and either activates or inhibits a single physiological process, depending on the treatment goal.

The multi-target / multi-component principle

Heel’s medicines work differently. They were developed as mixtures of multiple substances and each one is formulated to address a specific indication. They each consist of several active ingredients (multi-component) acting simultaneously on different parts of the body (multi-target). Thereby, they tackle the causes of the illness with lasting effect. Heel combination medicines can replace multiple different individual medications, allowing even complex illnesses to be treated with minimal side effects and in accordance with the body’s natural processes.

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