Researching Natural Medicines

For over 75 years, Heel with its corporate headquarters in Baden-Baden, Germany, has been actively researching and developing natural medicines.

As a pioneer in natural medicines, we at Heel Veterinary do everything we can to support veterinarians in their field of activity and continue to promote animal health. From decades of experience, we know that this can be accomplished by using natural active ingredients. With regard to the efficacy of our drugs, we let the scientific data speak for themselves: Multiple studies conducted in collaboration with international research institutes have already provided confirmation of the therapeutic benefits of our well-proven medicines. But science is not the only proof of efficacy. Years of everyday experience have also convinced veterinary practitioners and animal owners of the benefits of Heel medicines.

Animal health designed by nature

Our customers especially appreciate how our medicines help restore the patients’ health without disrupting the body’s natural state of balance. As expressed in our guiding principle, “animal health designed by nature,” natural ingredients – systematically selected, prepared, and combined – support and regulate the healing process.

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