Heel Veterinary Medicines

Heel offers appropriate therapeutic solutions to the modern challenges of aging pets.

Our domestic animals are getting older, thanks to excellent husbandry conditions and medicinal care. This positive trend, however, also changes the type of diseases which are seen in veterinary practice. For example, chronic diseases and multimorbidity (the simultaneous presence of more than one disease) are becoming increasingly common in veterinary patients, especially among older animals. These patients, as well as younger patients with acute diseases, have a great need for effective, welltolerated medicines with minimal side effects.

A systematic therapy

The organism comprises many different interacting systems. During illness, this regulatory circuit gets out of balance. The organism needs help in order to be able to help itself now. This is where our natural medicines come into play. They are based on a unique therapeutic system that simultaneously targets multiple locations in the body to modulate biological processes, permitting a recovery that is both rapid and sustained.

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